The future is in your hands at HackSC 2020

01.31.20 - 02.02.20

HackSC is the University of Southern California’s largest hackathon. This year, we’re focused on bringing real solutions to those in need by pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation, and collaboration.

Applications for HackSC 2020 have closed. Be on the lookout for status updates soon

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HackSC 2020 is a hackathon with a mission. Located in the heart of sunny Los Angeles, HackSC will provide a weekend full of innovation, connection, and education. In an interdisciplinary endeavor, join together with 800+ hackers, designers, and visionaries to engage in workshops, listen to speakers, and develop programs, tools, and relationships that can last for life. We hope to have you join us! For more information and updates, check out our social media and read our Medium Blog.

You can check out what we were up to last year here.


January 31 - February 2nd, 2020


On USC's campus




Apps open up in November.


Social Justice

This year, we’re focusing on issues relating to social justice. The 4 verticals are: civil rights, sustainability, equity, and mental health. We’re encouraging every participant to tackle the problems plaguing today’s world and innovate ideas around them.

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Civil Rights

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin, online or off.

Civil Rights

Help provide technological solutions to issues such as online harassment, workplace misconduct, and bullying, in ways which are innovative, accessible, and straightforward.

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Mother Earth has a fever and it's in our best interest to cure her.


Find creative ways to help curb pollution of all varieties, enable access to better environmental scientific literature, or any other cause you see fit to help the planet we all share.

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Not everyone has access to financial literacy, legal aid, health information, and other sources of relevant knowledge.


Create a product which helps level the playing field by aiding access to information that everyone is entitled to have.

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Mental Health

The conversation around mental health is becoming more accepted, but there is still a shortage of stigma-free resources.

Mental Health

Contribute to the progress of services by making a product which facilitates care, serves as a liaison to accurate information, works to raise awareness, or any other action you see fit to help the vast category of mental health.


Each year, our sponsors help us unite 800+ emerging developers, designers, and builders. Our sponsors make it possible for hackers to build something they're proud of.

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